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  • February 5, 2022

You Want to Buy a Home Security Camera Here’s What to Look for

Looking for the best security camera? Want to prevent home intruders from stealing your valuables and scaring your family? Secure your home and property by choosing a security system that best fits your home and needs. Here are some important things to consider when shopping for a security camera, so you can make a smart decision.

When buying a security camera, there are a lot of features to consider. There are technical factors like resolution and the number of megapixels, as well as practical ones like how many days you want the recording to be stored for, whether you want two-way communication, and how much you're willing to spend on accessories.

One of the best ways to protect and secure your house or commercial business is through the use of security cameras. These hidden cameras are great at deterring criminals from entering your property and keeping a record of their actions. However, if you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your life and belongings, you should consider buying security cameras for your home.

For general use, there are a number of things to keep in mind when buying a security camera.

Consider the type of camera: There are four main types of security cameras: bullet, dome, hidden, and weatherproof. Which one is right for you will depend on your needs. For example, dome cameras are discreet and unobtrusive, but some are more obvious than others. Hidden cameras are designed to be completely unseen and may be more suitable if you don't want a visible deterrent.

Check where the camera is being used: Generally speaking, outdoor cameras are more robust and can withstand harsher conditions than indoor cameras. If you plan to place an outdoor camera in a location that isn't protected from the elements, make sure that it's rated for outdoor use.

Decide whether you need daytime or night vision: Most security cameras are capable of capturing motion-activated video footage during both the day and night; however, some outdoor security cameras have infra-red sensors that only allow them to record at night. If you need an outdoor camera with a wide field of view during the day and night, we recommend two separate devices — one that captures color images during the day and another that captures black-and-white images at night. 

What To Consider When Buying a Security Camera

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing  CCTV Cameras for your home, office, or business. In this article, we will cover the basics of how to pick the best security camera for your needs.

TIP!  Look for a camera that has a high-resolution rating and can record in full 1080 HD. Also, be sure to check that the security camera is weatherproof and has night vision capabilities.

Here are some things you should consider before buying your security camera:

1. Resolution 

Cameras come with different resolutions so make sure you buy one that is clear and detailed enough to capture the image you want as well as having the ability to zoom into an object if needed.

2. Connectivity 

 Some cameras have built-in wifi capabilities while others use monitors or other devices to watch them. You should determine what type of connection you need before making your purchase.

3. Lens 

 The lens of your security camera should be able to zoom in up close on an object as well as being able to capture a large area (if needed). Most importantly it should have night vision capabilities to see in the dark when needed.

4. Night Vision 

If you need to monitor activity at night, make sure the camera has night vision capability and works well in low-light areas.

Some cameras have infrared technology that activates when it gets dark for better image quality in the dark. Others offer a choice between high-quality color images during the day and low-quality black-and-white images in the dark.

5. Installation

Installation is another important factor to think about before buying a security camera system. Some cameras are designed specifically for outdoor use while others should be used only indoors. Before buying any type of security camera, make sure you know how much work would need to be done in order to install it properly and connect it to your existing system if necessary. You also want to make sure that the security camera you choose is compatible with other types of equipment, such as DVRs (digital video recorders), alarm systems, and control panels. 

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