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  • November 5, 2020

Why You Need Grease Trap Cleaning in Dublin

Every kitchen in the world produces fat. From grilled burgers to steaks to frying vegetables in butter, every cook and kitchen employee has to deal with his grease traps every day. After months of scraping, spraying, and rinsing, it's easy to forget the importance of this manly job to your restaurant's success.

With that in mind, here are some pointers on the importance of removing grease. You can visit drainpro  to find out about the best grease trap cleaning services in Dublin.

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Drainage clogged

Basically, traps simply trap grease before it reaches the normal drainage system. Due to their consistency, grease and oil do not flow properly into the fluid drainage system. Cleaning grease traps is important because their contents overflow and enter standard drains. In this case, various problems can arise.

First, the drain can become clogged. In this case, it is impossible to completely clean the kitchen until the drain is cleaned. This not only slows down the business but also creates a very uncomfortable work situation.

Kitchen safety

Oil cleaning is essential to avoid the most dangerous types of kitchen fires. Fat burning fires are very hot and very difficult to extinguish. Pouring water over this type of fire does nothing but spread the fire further into the kitchen and eventually becomes too big to handle.

Preventing this type of fire is easy when there is very little oil to handle. When a pot or pan burns, it is very easy to turn off the heat and remove oxygen.

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