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  • April 30, 2021

What Is Raleigh’s White Glove Moving

You have styles, taste, and class and you appreciate better things in life. You work hard for the things you have and therefore, you are very concerned about your belongings. When it comes to moving, you want someone who will handle your belongings with the same care as you.

You deserve a company that moves above and beyond to protect your property so that everything can arrive at its new location safely, without damage, and in its original condition. That’s why it is recommended that you use white glove moving services in Raleigh. You can hire special white glove movers from Crabtree Family Moving.

What is Glove White Moving?

The definition of white gloves service is that it is characterized by special care or attention. White gloves  Moving is a luxurious moving service where trained professionals work extra to move your belongings safely, efficiently, and with great attention to detail. Employing white glove movers is very important when moving upper-class items and/or fragile. Only white gloves movers have experience moving this type of goods safely.

White-Glove Moving vs. Standard Moving Companies

Unlike standard moving companies, white-glove movers take extra measures to protect the pieces they transport. For example, some offer state-of-the-art padded moving trucks to further safeguard your items against scratches, gouges, and breakages. The padding is securely attached to the walls of the truck, keeps furniture from colliding together, and offers shock absorption for bumpy travel.

The attention to detail that white glove movers offer is incomparable. Standard moving companies usually focus on moving your things as quickly as possible, which often results in lost or damaged items. Also, be aware of hidden costs that standard moving companies may fail to tell you about upfront.

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