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  • July 7, 2021

Various Features of Gmail

Google Apps has a great feature: they are always looking for ways to improve their products. Since the inception of Google Apps, they have been improving and tweaking every aspect of their products each week. 

Gmail and Google Calendar are just two apps which have made a huge effect in the business. If your want to learn more about new and old features of Gmail and Google Calendar including recent updates, read on. You can take follow up for email to get the right efficiency in the work.

Working with teams is made very easy with Gmail and Google Calendar. The instant messaging service allows you to easily switch between voice video, chat and group chat. The search facility makes it easy to find mail. It will analyze which emails you have read and which ones you replied to. 

These and other important emails that you send to your boss or supervisor often will be added to the top of the important list. Your inbox will be more organized and you'll save time by focusing on the most important messages first. Gmail gives you the option to choose how you view your mail.

Google is great for letting you view your mail how you want to view it. Some people like to have conversations with the same people in threads, like you see on forums, while others prefer one box for each individual message. Gmail gives you the option to choose how you view your mail.

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