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  • April 4, 2022

Types of Weather Ideal to Fly Drone

 drone photography in Perth real estate


You may be feeling ready to fly your drone where you’ve cleaned it, charged the batteries, updated the software, changed the video settings etc, necessary to take that epic shot. However, as soon as you are at the location, you see a change in the weather forcing your shoot to cancel or postpone. Due to this reason, it is absolutely crucial to understand the weather types. Weather types define whether or not you can fly your drone. It also defines what kind of shots you will be getting while flying. If you aren’t aware, then these are a few weather types you should be aware of.

  1. Clear and Sunny – This type of weather helps you to capture shadows on the terrain at the time of the shoot. Before the day turns noon, the shadows are minimum giving you that ideal shadow in your shot. On the other end, the shadow becomes small afternoon in order to help you capture highlights and colours.
  2. Partially Cloudy – If you wish to add contrast and depth to your video, then this is an ideal type of weather to shoot. Make sure you choose the correct exposure settings before shooting any video or picture.
  3. Overcast – The overcast type of weather is perfect if you don’t mind the view of the skyline but wish to add clouds in your video. You are bound to capture high-colour saturation and low contrast in your video as the end result.

With these weather types, you can shoot real estate drone photography in Perth.

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