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  • June 8, 2022

The Difference Between AR and VR Technology In Mobile App Development

Augment Reality is a technology that allows you to take pictures in the real world and overlay them with computer graphics to determine what they will look like in the end. For many, changing the real world with augmented reality apps is still science fiction.

Unlike AR, virtual reality is something that virtually takes your presence to another place with the help of such devices including Google Cardboards, DJI FPV spectacles, VR headsets, and more. 

Here are some well-known use cases that are heavily impacted by AR:

  • Pokemon Go app from Nintendo

  • Google Pixel Stickers from Star Wars

  • IKEA mobile app

  • Lenskart Try eye frames app

  • L'Oreal makeup app

  • Disney coloring book

VR involves the significant use of computer technology to create a virtual environment that anyone who wears VR equipment can explore and interact with. 

The three-dimensional computer-generated environment is so powerful that you can quickly become part of the image and perform various actions. Today, many industries use this technology to promote their products with virtual demonstrations.

The entertainment industry, for example, offers virtual tours to places you've always dreamed of. Wearing a head-mounted display allows you to travel to almost any location without buying a ticket to that location.

Before we dive into how companies are growing by bringing massive doses of AR and VR to apps, let's understand how they differ from one another.

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