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  • April 6, 2022

The Best DSLR Cameras For Food Photography

Though full-frame digital cameras are usually suggested by experts, however, you can begin by using a cropped sensor camera, to begin with. 

Cameras with a cropped sensor are less costly, however, they perform differently when paired with lenses and create images that differ slightly. The name suggests that they create images that are slightly cropped. Full-frame cameras take up a greater space.

You can also hire food photo editing services online for your business.

3 Editing Mistakes You Are Making In Your Food Photography - Use Your Noodles

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Here are some tips on the best camera for photography of food, including cropped and full-frame sensors.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (Full-frame)

Nikon Z6 (Full-frame)

Canon Rebel T6i EOS (Cropped sensor)

Nikon D3400 (Cropped sensor)

Best Camera Lenses to Use for Food Photography

Fixed or prime lenses are usually the best when it comes to food photography. This is due to the fact that they have greater apertures, and thus a more precise control over their depth of field. A lens with an 80mm or 50mm prime lens is commonly suggested for food photography when you're using a full-frame digital camera.

If you're using a camera with a cropped sensor it is necessary to alter the lens's usage according to the camera's crop factor. The crop factor is a measure of how much the camera can crop your image compared to the standard 35mm lens. 

If you divide the length of the lens by your crop factor you will get what is the exact focal distance the images appear to be as they were taken. 

It's also beneficial to own a high-quality macro lens that can assist you in taking excellent close-ups and detailed shots.

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