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  • October 24, 2020

pH Levels and Your Hydroponic System

Maintaining the proper pH in the flow of your hydroponic system stops a negative chemical response to fertilizers within the watering lines.

A high pH level can often cause congestion over the lines and cause serious problems to your hydroponic system. To get more info about hydroponic nutrients you can search the websites of service providers online.

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PH holds for"potential hydrogen" meaning the combination of positively energized hydrogen ions relevant to negatively charged hydroxyl ions in a chemical.

Hydrogen ions are naturally acidic while hydroxyl ions are fundamental, keep these facts in mind both as you construct your hydroponic and throughout your growing process.

The pH scale goes from 0-14 a score of 7 in this range means that the pH level is impartial. Anything below 7 indicates an acidic chemical and anything about 7 indicates an alkaline compound.

Your hydroponic needs to have a neutral status or a score of 7 as frequently as possible. Examples of acids include nitric acid or phosphoric acid that when added to water have a"violent" response where the chemical breaks apart or ionizes.

When speaking to the strength of acidity that this is in respect to the amount of ionization they undergo.

In the country most water supplies are alkaline, this is a great thing because most plants prefer a more basic environment close to their root structure.

 If a plant absorbs nitrate ions which are negatively charged the roots will drop the negatively charged hydroxyl ions to be able to establish electrical equilibrium.

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