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  • January 20, 2021

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeder For Lactating Sows

To help producers meet the specific nutritional needs of nursing sows, nedap has launched the nedap activator, a supplement to nedap farrowing feeding, which automatically removes feed when the pig activates an electronic sensor with its muzzle.

The addition of nedap activators offers a high return on investment and helps pork producers reduce operating costs and increase the productivity of hogs through strategic feeding. You can get more information about electronic sow feeders via

electronic sow feeders

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Nedap feeder automatically delivers large portions of pig feed at regular intervals throughout the day to stimulate the appetite. Between feeds, a sow with nedap activator supplement can "request" an extra portion the size of an appetizer by moving the trigger with her muzzle. 

Manufacturers can easily install the wireless nedap activator on automatic feeders in new or existing automated hog feeding systems.

Electronic sow feeders increase returns on investment by:

1. Increase the productivity of sows

Pig nutrition requirements are three times higher during lactation. Feeding Nedap pigs as an activator can increase total feed intake through an on-demand diet to speed up recovery while maintaining a Body Condition Assessment (BCS). 

2. Reducing labor costs

Labor costs can become a burden for pork producers. Nedap Activators can reduce warehouse births in several ways. First, it automatically sends a signal if no eating activity is detected for a predetermined period.

The house manager knows very well which pigs need attention without manually checking the feed troughs. This allows you to focus your time where it is most needed. 

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