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  • June 12, 2021

How to Remove Old Wall Tiles

Removing old wall tiles is not the easiest job, especially if you are a beginner. Whether it's a tile or an entire wall, the task can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Patience and persistence are two of the most important tools you'll need in abundance at the start of this project, but that alone won't wipe out the tiles on the walls. These online tile specialists want tile removal to be as easy as picking a new one and if you follow a simple guide it can be done. You can also find the tile experts through the internet.

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When removing old wall tiles (as with any DIY project), the first thing to look out for is the correct tools:

• Hammer

• Reinforcement chisel

• Protective glasses

• Heavy workers

Make sure you prepare the area as well. It is recommended to cover all surfaces with a large tarpaulin – this prevents damage from falling tiles. Once the area is ready and you have the tools, the fun can begin.

Start at one end and scrape off the grout with a heavy-duty pencil. Then break the goggles (so the eye sticks out of the flying tile pieces) and take the fixing chisel parallel to the wall (this reduces the chance of plaster breaking, meaning it's easier to reassemble) and then hammer.

Once your old wall tiles are removed, finish the job by sanding the walls. Depending on how the tile will hang on the wall, you may need to remove any remaining glue or pre-soak it with tile adhesive remover, you will reach the sandpaper step.

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