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  • May 17, 2022

How To Pick The Right NATO Strap For Your Premium Watch

You shouldn't be accused of thinking of an alliance known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation when you hear NATO straps. It's easy for people to associate the sturdy, functional and outdoors-friendly attractiveness that comes with the NATO watch strap to the alliance between military and civilians in 1949.

But, NATO straps have nothing to be associated whatsoever with military affiliations. They were a standard strap for watches given to troops by the British military in the 1970s. The name NATO band (In the Norwegian language “nato stropper”) comes from the stocking numbers used to identify the straps.

nato stropper

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Match your strap with your shoes:

NATO straps are an excellent accessory however you shouldn't allow them to take the spotlight away from your outfit. You should blend them with your clothing.

If you're wearing red shoes, as an example it's possible to opt for a red and blue stripe NATO strap. It will be a lovely blend of fashion for any event.

Find straps that go with casual attire:

If you could understand the process by which a NATO strap is constructed and how it is made, you'll fall in love with its quality and durability.

The NATO wristband is constructed of nylon that is high-tech and durable and tough. It is designed to provide the user with comfort and practicality for daily use.

Due to its style and material, NATO straps easily complement jeans shorts, t-shirts, or a pair of jeans. 

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