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  • January 14, 2022

Everything You Need To Know about Composite Decking

Composite decking is a method used in homemaking that involves the construction of decks made of recycled materials. The materials are a blend of eco-friendly materials such as fibers, plastic, and wood. Most often, manufacturers add pigments and preservatives into this mixture that are baked into boards, then cooled. 

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Although the composite deck weighs more than wood, it isn't as durable. It is however rot-proof and won't shrink. Furthermore, it doesn't provide splinters, like wood. Thus, composite decking will not require any additional measures of protection like sealing, painting, or staining.

The types of composite decking-

Composite decking is divided into the wood and non-wood composites. Some composites are constructed by mixing wood fragments, plastics, and other components while the remainder are made of the plastics and vinyl.

Polyethylene Composites- The components that are used in these are oil-based and include plastic and wood. They shrink with seasonal changes and temperature variations.

Polypropylene Composites- These are an amalgamation of polypropylene with wood that has been reclaimed. They are more durable and fade-proof than polyethylene-based composites.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Composites – Constructed of plastic These composites do not stain or absorb water. They're not particularly durable and are suitable for smaller spans.

Hollow Composites- The components that are used in these composites, can be damaged easily, but expand or contract less. 

Additionally, they are much lighter.

Solid Composites are more robust and resistant to damage. However, they are not invulnerable to contraction and expansion.

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