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  • May 28, 2022

7 Craft Beer Names Every Beer Drinker Should Know

Gone are the days when large businesses marketed their mass-produced and flavorless beers to anyone who didn't know and didn't realize that tiny batches of beer can include more flavors and varying amounts of alcohol.

In brief, by sampling the many small-batch drinks accessible today, you can identify and select many beers that fit your flavor and strength standards. Understanding the language of this drink requires work, therefore here are some craft beer words that every beer drinker should be familiar with.

1. Alcohol by volume

ABV is an abbreviation for alcohol by volume, which denotes the amount of alcohol per volume of liquid in the drink. Small batch beer might have a lower or higher ABV than bulk beer. Certain styles, such as IPAs and stouts, frequently have a slightly higher ABV. You may buy a first-rate craft beer pack via

Craft Beer Stronger Than Regular Beer? (6 Key Differences)

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2. Hope

Beer is primarily manufactured from a combination of barley and hops, which are brewed, filtered, and fermented. Hops add the spice and bite that is characteristic of Indian pale beers. Raw hops have a distinct aroma and flavor that is reminiscent of pine cones. Many drinkers prefer strong hops drinks and like to see how many "hops" they can pull out of the drink without destroying it.

3. Wort

As previously stated, this beverage is manufactured from a combination of barley and hops. First, boiling barley and malt are combined with hops and boiled to produce a sugary liquid, which is then fermented once yeast is added. The flavor serves as the foundation for all styles and can be brought up in conversation when discussing how to introduce a certain flavor.

4. Specific Gravity

The specific gravity of the beer, like the ABV, is ultimately proportional to the total amount of alcohol in the glass. The key distinction is that specific gravity often relates to the amount of sugar in the wort before fermentation. The greater the weight of the wort, the more sugar it contains for fermentation and alcohol conversion.

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