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  • May 19, 2021

Your Guide To Springless Trampolines

Springless trampolines can be very advantageous and particularly safer in contrast to the usual trampoline which uses springs. What's great about a springless unit is evidently because they do not contain any springs. However, the unit is still able to supply the user with lots of bounce.

Most of the accidents and injuries from trampoline use are because of the springs and frame. If you happen to slip you may wind up on the springs and you may get seriously injured. The frame and springs may cause injuries ranging from sprains to cuts.

Due to these dangers coming from a standard trampoline, producers came up with the thought of making a springfree trampoline that does not have to use springs to offer a bounce. Hence, the springless unit was born.


Apart from being springless, the springless type provides greater simplicity of mat replacement. The trampoline will also not rust or become over-distended after some time. And should you obtain quality elastic bands, they can actually be stronger than metal coils, as coils can quickly become unsprung.


The fantastic news is Springfree units are priced nearly the same as the normal trampoline. Though, you can save even more if you have the unit shipped since elastic bands are lighter than metal coils.


If your springless trampoline is assembled out of high-grade elastic, then you can rely on your trampoline's long-lasting durability and strength.

They are also able to provide you with more bounce and are less likely to break. It's even more valuable if you want to put your trampoline out, as the elastic bands are more protected from sunlight and moisture.

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