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  • July 8, 2020

When Were Care Homes First Introduced?

A residential care home is an integral part of the modern society where the elderly and the physically challenged find an apt environment that caters to their needs and specific requirements.

Most people are now aware of the diverse kinds of care homes and their services. However, it's interesting to note the history of such care homes and trace the origin and development of such social and commercial structures. If you want to get the best rest homes service in New Zealand then you can navigate to

Primitive almshouses

Before the 19th-century society held a very decadent view of the special needs faced by the old and infirm. Elderly people were categorized as "needy" and were forced to stay in almshouses. This is especially true for elderly people who lacked family support, were severely physically and financially challenged.

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Homes for the old and infirm

The 19th century saw a positive surge of awareness in society towards the special needs of the old and infirm. The initiative was taken by the women's groups and some church groups who strived hard to arrange for suitable accommodation for the old and elderly. 

This urge was brought on by a wish to see the older members of their own ethnic groups pass their last days in peace and comfort.

A good example is the "Boston Home for Aged Women" which offered elderly women benevolent care and chances of a happy existence. 

The hugely positive response shown by people led to the establishment of other residential care homes like Philadelphia Indigent Widows and Single Women's Society". These establishments offered respectable elderly people with meager means to escape the fate of almshouses.

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