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  • November 26, 2021

What is the price of a custom driveshaft?

The custom driveshaft connects the vehicle’s transmission or transfers the case to the differential. This transmits power from the vehicle to its wheels. It is simple in design but parts can be easily replaced due to the stress they are subject to.

U-joints can develop the excessive play, the center bearing may become out of balance, rubber parts might age and deteriorate, or the item could be damaged by impact. Even if only one drive shaft part needs to be replaced, it's a good idea for the entire unit to be replaced. Online sources can help you find the lowest price for a custom driveshaft.

custom driveshaft cost

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Any slight misalignment in the custom driveshaft will be immediately apparent while driving. To maintain perfect balance, it is best to have professional parts replaced.

It is important to determine which driveshaft your vehicle needs before ordering a custom driveshaft. Rear-wheel-drive vehicles use a single driveshaft to connect to the transmission and rear differential. Front-wheel-drive vehicles use CV axles instead of driveshafts.

For sports cars modified to accelerate straight, a custom driveshaft safety loop may be recommended. If you put more power through your stock driveshaft than it should, you could damage it. Broken shafts can cause a metal pole to spin at high RPM, which could damage your vehicle's floor. Some drag strips may need a safety loop as part of their tech inspection.

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