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  • September 23, 2021

What Are The Factors That Make A Person Ineligible To Obtain A Concealed Weapons License?

The prior open carrying of a firearm in public has long been illegal, except when the wearer was on their own property, legally hunting, or participating in a public firearm-related event, such as a gun show or a shooting competition.

But now, concealed weapon holders can openly carry handguns in the same places where concealed handguns are permitted. The handgun must be in a shoulder or belt holster.

People who currently have a concealed weapon can continue to carry weapons with a valid license. For more details on Concealed Carry License, you can browse this website.

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New applicants will be required to complete training on the use of restraint holsters and methods to ensure the secure carry of openly carried handguns.

To obtain a license to carry, one must be eligible to purchase a firearm under state and federal laws. In addition, the following factors can make a person temporarily or permanently ineligible for a license, including:

1. Convictions for felony (permanent) and class A or B misdemeanors (5 years, permanent in cases of domestic violence), including charges which resulted in probation or a suspended sentence;

2. Criminal charges pending (undetermined until resolved);

3. Chemical or alcohol dependence (defined as 2 convictions for substance-related offenses over a 10-year period; 10-year ban from the date of the first conviction);

4. Certain types of psychological diagnoses (undefined until a health professional certifies that the disease is in remission);

5. Protection or coercion orders (indefinite duration until termination); Where

6. Defaults in taxes, student loans, child support and / or other government charges (undetermined until resolved).

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