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  • April 22, 2022

Use Red Light Therapy For Great Skin

Maintaining beautiful skin involves increasing collagen production, and this is done by a variety of methods. Vitamins A, E, and C and the numerous peel and acid treatments, as well as IPL, are great to stimulate collagen. The majority of these treatments rely on inflammation to increase the rate of cell turnover up and, as a result, boost the appearance of the skin.

Although light therapy is in use for some time it's now considered to be the most recent breakthrough in the field of skincare technology. This is due to the fact that Red Light therapy is capable of reducing the signs of aging, like wrinkles and dry skin. You can know more about red light therapy via

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It's basically the same as photosynthetic processes in the plant. Similar to how plants utilize chlorophyll for conversion of sunlight to cell elements, RED light triggers natural intracellular chemical reactions that generate cellular turnover as well as the creation of collagen as well as elastin fibers. The RED light stimulates an increase in ATP from mitochondria within the skin.

These mitochondria release energy that triggers cell growth. The release of energy increases the number of healthy cells that will replace damaged ones. In contrast to other treatments with light like IPL or Laser, the procedure doesn't depend on heating to harm the dermal layer. Instead, cells are provided with an increase in energy. 

It is crucial to know that there aren't any UV rays associated with this procedure which means it's 100% safe and there are no known contraindications. Utilizing light at specific frequencies activates the receptors of the brain. 


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