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  • August 9, 2021

Tips To Inspire Summer Reading In Dyslexic Students In Charlotte

It’s summer and that means it’s time for family vacations, backyard barbecues, and for many students, a break from school. But even if students aren’t in the classroom, there are plenty of ways to encourage young learners to keep up their skills, especially when it comes to reading.

Many students consider reading a mandatory part of the summer, but children can lose valuable language skills in the summer if they don't practice reading during the holidays. There are many companies that also organize summer reading programs. Navigate this website to know more about these reading programs in Charlotte.

It's important for all students, and especially students with dyslexia, to continue reading during the summer and develop the reading skills they practice during the school year. Here are some tips that can inspire students with dyslexia to read during the summer.

Find books that will excite your students.

When students view reading as a challenging and uninteresting activity, it is easy to see why they prefer to watch their favorite shows. Help your students find books that match their interests and actions they enjoy so they can practice the skills they've worked so hard for.

Let them develop their own schedule for summer reading.

Children often react very differently when a parent or teacher tells them to do something than when they make a decision on their own. If age-appropriate, encourage growing readers to develop their independence by letting them create their own summer reading schedule. While beginners should read about 20 minutes each day, leave the rest to your students.

Celebrate the completion of a book.

Nothing motivates children more than a reward system. Whether it's homework or homework, implementing a reward system can help children become more excited about the tasks they need, including summer reading.

Reading can be a challenge for students with dyslexia and should be celebrated when they finish a book at home. Arrange a themed family dinner based on a book read or watch a movie adaptation of a book full of popcorn and goodies to keep the whole family engaged and enjoying summer reading.