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  • August 14, 2021

Honey – An Ancient Medicine That Still Works

Honey in its natural state comes directly from the beehive. Bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers, and in the beehive it mixes with enzymes and proteins produced by bees. 

Honey is formed through a process called regurgitation and then thickens as the bee evaporates, causing its wings to swell. These are one of the pure bee products for sale online

Honey as medicine, the power of honey may surprise you.

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As with most foods that offer health benefits, not all honey off the shelf provides the same benefits. Unfortunately, most of the honey you buy from your local grocery store is heavily processed. When food is chemically refined, many of the original health benefits of the product are lost.

In addition, commercial honey often overheats during processing, which destroys natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. An interesting side effect of unfiltered honey is its effect on allergy sufferers. The idea is that you take small doses of local, unfiltered honey, honey that is extracted a few kilometers from where you live. 

The pollen in this honey comes from plants that cause problems for allergy sufferers. Taken in small amounts daily, it acts as an allergy syringe and thus builds immunity to this particular pollen. 

For some people, the pollen they get from local honey can also give negative results if they are very sensitive to that pollen. However, if you're concerned about allergies and want to try another remedy, find a local honey manufacturer and see if you get results. Apparently many do.