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  • March 22, 2021

How To Remove Concrete Sealer

So as to do anything aside from applying a sealer coating onto your concrete, you will first have to remove the concrete sealer. However, in case you've got a textured or broomed surface, things can be a bit tricky.

The smartest way to eliminate concrete sealer from an uneven surface is to use a chemical stripper. You can buy concrete cleaning chemicals via Chemical strippers will do most of the work, although it would still need some scrubbing on your part.

Anytime you purchase some new material for your concrete, it's highly advisable that you try the sample on-site to be certain it's going to work. Chemical strippers have a much greater effect on concrete exteriors.

When you spread the chemical agent over the concrete, then let it sit for a while and then grate it off the surface. Quite some of the best chemical strippers nowadays are primarily soy-based strippers. What makes them even more successful is the fact they're non-toxic, ecologically safe, and biodegradable.

When the chemical agent has achieved its job, you'll discover a thick and sticky mush of this stripper gel and the watery sealer. This whole muddle has to be eliminated from the surface to be able to make way for a new sealing element.

A blade scraper is the most useful device on concrete. After scraping off it, deposit the stripper gel and the concrete gel stays in a container which ensures no negative reaction will happen.

The process is then repeated till the complete elimination of solid materials from the concrete surface. Ensure that you adhere to the state environmental rules and conventions and eliminate the waste accordingly.