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  • December 23, 2021

Something About Hydraulic Components

The basic principle behind hydraulic fittings consisted of two cylinders with different sizes and types of liquid within a vessel that is filled with oil or water. The water that is sufficient is known as "hydraulic press" The one filled with water is called "hydraulic machinery."

Each of the two liquid vats can slide a piston, the piston in a small increase if a certain value of pressure, according to Pascal's law, small piston to the pressure of passing through the liquid pressure to a large piston to the top of the large piston. You can also get more information about the best hydraulic simulation online.

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The base cross-sectional area of the small piston is S1, plus a small piston downward pressure on F1. Thus, a small piston on the liquid pressure is P = F1/SI, being able to change the size of the liquid to pass in all directions. "Suffered by a large piston pressure must also equal to P.

Corrugated metal hose fittings with good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high pressure, high and low temperature, corrosion resistance, and many other features, relative to other hose fittings (rubber, plastic hose) must have much higher life, so It also has high comprehensive economic benefits. 

With the development of modern industry, on the high temperature, high pressure of the corrugated metal hose fittings is also a growing demand. Hose application: the need for adequate flexibility in the supply pipes to prevent vibration of the premises piping, steam, gas, air, fuel oil, petroleum, chemical-pharmaceutical class apply.

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