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  • January 8, 2022

Physical Therapist – The Health Care Professional

Physical Therapy commonly referred to as PT is a profession in health care. An individual who performs this activity is called a physical Therapist. 

Physical therapists are experts in physiotherapy who assess and treat patients from all age groups, from infants to seniors, with medical issues or other health-related issues or injuries that restrict their ability to move and be able to perform the tasks they wish to in their lives. 

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Furthermore, they work with patients to stop the loss of mobility in the first place by creating wellness and fitness-oriented programs that promote better health and more active lives. Physical therapists have a lot of opportunities in the fields of research and academia. Some are self-employed, offering the services of a contractor or setting up their own private practice.

Modern physical therapy was developed in Britain around the turn of the 18th century. Physical therapy encompasses a variety of specialties such as cardiopulmonary, geriatrics orthopedic, neurologic, and pediatrics. Education qualifications vary widely in various countries. 

The degree of education varies from countries with a lack of formal education to those that need a Master's or Doctoral degree. World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) acknowledges the wide range of differences in the socio-economic, political, and cultural settings in which training of physical therapy is carried out across the globe. 

Physical therapist education programs at the entry-level combine theory, evidence, and practice, as well as numerous learning tools. It begins with admission to an approved physical therapy program and concludes when the therapist retires from active practice.

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