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  • June 16, 2020

One Minute Exercises for Neck and Back Pain

Stress and fatigue from a long day at work can leave you with neck and back pain for the rest of the day. The spine is a protective housing for the central nervous system and is often the source of aches and pains. So keep exercising when you can. You can explore more information about portable neck massager through

One Minute Exercises for Neck and Back Pain

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Neck pain

You can do this exercise on a train or bus, or in your car while stuck in traffic. Place your hands on your forehead. This is your neck getting, not a hand-out of your job. Count to ten and relax. Repeat five times, watched the traffic as you do.

Another Neck Exercise

If you have the time and energy, use this exercise in combination with the previous one. Now put your hands behind your head, at the base of your skull. Again, count to ten and relax. Repeat five times to give yourself a minute of your workout.

Neck massage

There are a series of acupuncture points that run down each side of the neck at the top of your spine. If you rub them with your fingertips, you will relieve tension there. You should do this for a whole minute at a time to get the full benefit.

Massage shoulder

We come to your shoulder. Using the right hand, massage the back of your left shoulder. Usually, there is a lot of tension in this area, so work your finger as hard as you can stand; they dig deep into the muscle.

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