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  • February 19, 2021

Laser Treatment For Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, also called periodontitis, is an advanced gum condition that threatens the general health of the patient's teeth and mouth. The gums are affected by bacteria that infect the sufferer's bone tissue and eventually separate the gums from the teeth. 

If this process is not recognized and treated at an early stage, there is a potential risk of tooth loss and infection that can affect the patient's overall health. To get more information about the laser for gum disease visit

laser for gum disease

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Symptoms of Gum Disease?

-Red, swollen and bleeding gums

-Deep pockets between the teeth and gums

-Loosening of teeth

What causes gum disease?

Medical researchers have isolated a bacteria that normally causes the development of periodontal disease and is especially harmful to bone tissue in the mouth.

The main cause of the periodontal disease is poor dental care over a long period of time. You can brush your teeth often and still get gum disease if you don't remove the floss and plaque from around the gum line.

How your dentist treats gum disease

Dental Health offers periodontal surgery, non-surgical periodontal therapy, bone grafting, and implantology as options for reversing the symptoms of periodontal disease.

Medicines that can prevent bad bacteria can also be prescribed. The chances of treating gum disease with success are high as long as it is treated on time and following your dentist's instructions.

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