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  • November 19, 2021

Is Bottled Water Really Necessary?

Did you know that Americans drank more than 7.5 million gallons of bottled water in 2005? This is sufficient for each person.

Why have so many people chosen to drink bottled water instead of the tap? Some people prefer the taste while others are more comfortable with the convenience of tap water. Others believe bottled water is safer and healthier to drink.

Both tap and bottled water are safe for healthy people if they conform to the standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency. The FDA sets standards for food safety, labeling, and inspection for bottled water. While the EPA establishes standards and conducts regular testing for municipal drinking water, the EPA is responsible for setting standards. There are many factors that can affect the quality of water.

Do you have evidence to support the health claim? It is important to know where the water comes from and how it has been chemically treated. Tap water is mainly from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. The majority of bottled water comes directly from ground sources such as underground aquifers.

Aquifers have lower quality and taste than surface water sources. Water drawn from underground sources is less susceptible to contamination than water taken from the surface. Groundwater can still contain contaminants and be contaminated by treatment or bottling.

Are you aware of where your water comes from? You can check the annual water quality report if your tap comes from a public water supply or contact your water supplier for more information. To find out the origin of your bottled water, you can check the label on the bottle. Underground aquifers provide water for all types of wells, including ground, spring, artesian, and ground.

Distilled water refers to the steam made from boiling water, which is then re-condensed before being bottled. Mineral water is groundwater that naturally contains dissolved solvents like minerals, salts, or gases. It can also be prepared synthetically.


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