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  • June 12, 2021

IRS Audit – Who Should Represent You in a Tax Audit?

If you want to be successful in tax audits, you must be represented in the best possible way throughout the process. And there are decisions you can make that will really change. 

Lawyer:- An attorney who specializes in income tax can also help you solve tax problems. For example, an IRS audit lawyer in Orange County can step in if you have problems with tax returns and incorrect income tax reporting for business owners. 

3 Reasons Why Tax Expert Should Represent Your Business in IRS Audit

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Taxpayers:- As a taxpayer, you can also authorize the tax collector to respond on your behalf. You can grant this permission by activating the option on your income tax return that allows the IRS to contact taxpayers directly. In this case, you and the taxpayer will receive correspondence through your account.

Self Presentation:- Most people find auditing complicated and flashy. But for many, it's not as difficult as it seems. When contacting taxpayers, additional information is often required to support the income and depreciation they claim on their income tax returns. As long as the originals are available, you may not need outside help. You may submit information for further review.

Accountants:- If you are unable to collect the information yourself, consider asking an accountant for help. This is often true for entrepreneurs who need assistance in preparing annual financial statements, sales taxes, income taxes and tax returns. An accountant can also help you explain the accounting changes and deductions you need from your tax return.


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