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  • September 28, 2021

How to make a fuzz pedal for your guitar?

A guitar fuzz pedal can provide you the distortion that you desire. You can make your pedal with merely several tools. Making your equipment will save you money. This guide will tell you how to make a fuzz pedal that can be practiced for your subsequent gig.

The initial start in planning a fuzz pedal is to find a small amplifier. You can find these on an old radio, such as a transistor. The amp can be removed from the device and the wiring can be saved. You must ensure that the amp you use fits in the pedal. For more information on fuzz pedal visit

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The amp must be disconnected from the outlet wires. These components will all be used in the final phase of this project. You will need a couple of quarter-inch phono tools for the next step. To complete the next step, you will need two quarter-inch phono jacks. Attach the input wire to one of the phono cables and connect the wires to it. The phono cables are attached to both ends of the pedal.

Next, create an on/off switch. This step can be done with a simple toggle switch. Once you've wired the on/off switch to the power controls from the old radio, it is time to wire the volume controls to the top of your pedal.

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