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  • July 7, 2021

How to Lay Tile on Stairs

Installing the tile floor on the stairs is not much different from installing tiles at the subfloor level. As long as the stairs are strong enough to support the weight of the tile, you must be able to install it without a barrier (you may need a professional to help make this determination). The stairs made of concrete are best for tile installations because it is usually strong enough to support the weight of various types of tiles.

Wood stairs are not suitable for tile installations. Wood has a tendency to shift from time to time, especially under vibration. It can loosen and expel tiles and can even cause cracks. If you have a wooden ladder, consider putting a semen support unit (CBU) or a mortar bed on it. This can help provide an accidental base where you can set tiles. You can buy the best precast epoxy terrazzo treads to install in your office. house and showrooms.

Before starting, make sure every step is flat and level. There are dye or grooves that will make your staircase tile installation much more difficult. The installer recommends using a carpenter or laser level for tile floor work. Make sure the level is accurate by testing it on the surface you know flat, like your floor or table.

After you rate each step, you are ready to start. Professional installers recommend you start from the top step and work your way. This way you don't need to worry about standing on the newly installed tiles when you are working on the next step.

Tile floor accessories are very important when installing on the stairs. Riser tiles and tread tiles are examples of floor accessories needed to help stabilize each step. When installing, it is important that you follow the instructions very closely so the end result is a safe and stable ladder. 

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