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  • July 17, 2020

How to Get More Storage Space From Small House Floor Plans?

Whether you are intending to construct a new little home or renovate an existing one, here are a few creative ways to discover additional space to work out your storage issues.

Stairways down or up, nearly always offer valuable additional storage room for shelves, cupboards or cabinets. As an instance, one-story home with a staircase down to a basement will offer space for elevated cabinets or closet space in the other end of the stairwell, available from the primary floor.

The blank space over doors and windows could be a wonderful place for bookshelves or perhaps tiny cabinets can also be used. This is done by the general contractor. You can find a general contractor online through

small house additions

The same idea can be applied to walls over interior corners in rooms in which there could be furniture under but nothing over. A big, attractive corner cabinet functions well in a bedroom and might even be transported across, over the bed wall, giving a location on the bottom for recessed lighting. This arrangement can also be suitable in a house office over a corner dining table.

Whether you’re planning to construct a little home or renovate a present small residence, small home plans can pose a challenge in regards to sufficient storage area. With some careful planning, you’ll be able to think of creative ways for attaining attractive and convenient closets, cabinets, and accessible storage room for all your favorite items.

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