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  • April 9, 2022

Getting Planning Permission For Your House Extension

Extension plans for homes can inspire homeowners. The idea that their home area will be enlarged and thus, better is a reason to be more enthusiastic about this goal. 

However, the particulars of plans for extension may require specific conditions for any homeowners. For instance, the need for and obtaining building permits.

If the proposed house extension(also known as woninguitbreiding constructie in the Dutch language)  is located in front of the highway, proper permissions are required.

Permission to extend the house might be required on an individual basis. In this regard, it is essential for homeowners to be aware that not all extensions require a permit. However, there are instances when permits are required. homeowners must get rid of the belief that getting the permit is difficult. 

Extension plans for housing are also subject to approval if changes will be made to areas such as the veranda, balcony, any elevated platform, or replacement or reworking of the chimney microwave antennas, and vent pipes.

Eaves may also be an element of house extension planning. As per the guidelines for extensions, the height of the eaves should be kept within two meters of the 3 meters of the boundary. In addition, it must not surpass the height of the house that was originally built.

When looking at extension plans one of the most important aspects is the construction materials. It could be different for each homeowner according to their preferences and plans. If you prefer not to obtain permissions, the same construction materials that have the identical style as the house that was originally constructed should be employed.

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