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  • September 10, 2020

Create Dynamic Mood With RGB LED Controller For Home Party

Hosting a home party in spare time with family members and friends together can be a very great way to relax and build a better relationship. When it comes to a party, lighting is very important to create the right mood. 

Generally, most party fans prefer RGB lighting, and then here the question comes, how shall we choose RGB controllers for the party lighting.

For example, RGB led tape lights or panel lamps are widely used for party lighting nowadays due to their high energy efficiency, high luminous flux, and low heat generation. 

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Generally, a party shall need a dynamic mood which will improve the atmosphere, thus we need an LED controller with color-changing patterns or programmable function.

The most suitable controller is the DMX controller which controls LED lighting via DMX512 protocol and can provide abundant color changing patterns for RGB(W) LEDs. 

The DMX512 protocol has now become very mature since it was developed a few decades ago and now is widely used for entertainment and stage lighting.

Generally, the control principle of the DMX controller is that the DMX master sends the DMX512 signal to the decoder and the decoder converts the DMX signal to PWM output (constant voltage or constant current) to control the connected LED lights. 

An RGB (W) DMX decoder shall have 3 or 4 channels output and the master has to be compatible with the decoder. 


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