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  • December 23, 2021

Corporate Housing Rental Should Be Welcoming In London

Corporate housing rental may be a somewhat misleading term. For some reason, it implies that the property in question is only available to a corporation or large company, but this is not true at all.

This just means that it is a good rental property for business people who want a comfortable place to stay when they are working away from home and don’t want to stay in a stuffy hotel.

It can also be a place for companies to hold business meetings and retreats in a relaxed, private setting where everything they need is available to them without having to rent extra rooms and equipment – usually these types of rentals are supplied with all the necessities and many extras all under one roof. And the best Corporate Apartments in London typically come with a lot more space and room to breathe than other corporate venues.

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Start with a big house or luxury town home or condo with several bedrooms and more than one bathroom. Add a gourmet kitchen with all the latest appliances and amenities, and dishes and glassware for a large group.

How about a large, comfortable living/dining room that includes a projector screen and a huge HD TV with DVD player for presentations? Then throw in an office area with computer printer, scanner, and copier and a big leather chair.

Many corporate rental facilities include such things as barbecues, swimming pools and hot tubs for after-hours relaxation. There may be housekeeping included in the rental cost, and you may have options for other services as part of a package deal.

Concierge, chauffeur, catering, chef and bodyguard are only some of the options you might be able to choose from when you rent a home directly from the owner.

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