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  • March 19, 2021

Are You Embarrassed by the White Patches of Vitiligo?

Are you troubled with white patches of vitiligo? Vitiligo is a skin condition and millions of people are affected by it around the globe. Although victims may have an inherited tendency to develop this skin condition.

Vitiligo can be treated with the right treatment but there are some factors that can worsen the vitiligo condition. To get more information on vitiligo treatment, visit


Research has revealed that some people who have this disease might experience

-Our body has an inability to process vitamin B12. This may explain why some people have undergone eating raw liver in massive amounts.

-Vitiligo sufferers also have an elevated chance of skin cancer because of sunlight subjected to the vitiligo patch.

Traditional remedies include ingestion of Vitamin B like I mentioned previously (by eating raw liver) a certain type of cortisone therapy and ultraviolet light treatment. I have recently come upon a treatment idea that comprises an oxidized substance that has been shown to be effective in treating all sorts of diseases including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, lupus, HIV, and many autoimmune diseases.

The therapy was described in more than 6000 medical briefs and has been used by over 15,000 doctors and health professionals to offer relief and treatment to their patients. It is not a medication and works by supplying the body with particular agents which will need to fix it themselves.

I set myself on this program (now per week) and the results so far seem promising. I see my hands are turning pink, suggesting more communication in this region and a couple of small pigmentation has started coming  

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