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  • September 20, 2021

Are You All Looking For Clothing Manufacturers?

To make money, all clothing businesses must get their clothes at a discount (overseas), in order to sell them at a competitive price. This is probably an automatism you have been created over the years. So the question is, how long can clothing manufacturers maintain this advantage? People searching for clothing manufacturers in the UK had no intention of finding a competitor, however, it might be. If you search the internet for clothing manufacturers, nearly everyone will type "clothing manufacturer". 


Not all manufacturers will go the extra mile. It seems that the first step in selecting a clothing manufacturer is to get several quotations from at least two clothing manufacturers. 

A consultant is an important person to you. He will answer your questions, take your orders and keep you informed. Your order is ultimately your responsibility, as the consultant answered all of your questions. Trust the facts. If your consultant makes a promise and it is not kept, cancel any future deals and shop elsewhere. 

Many manufacturers will only work in high volumes, so even if you are able to get someone to respond to your query, sometimes its to let you know that in order to serve you they would need you to order much higher quantities.

George Brooks

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