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  • November 11, 2021

All About Wool Rugs

Wool. It is a blanket that is made to protect an animal, usually a goat or sheep. Also known as fleece, it is also known as a blanket. It protects the animal from cold and harsh environments by keeping it dry and warm. Wool is breathable, water-resistant, and regulates temperature. It is also very moisture-wicking. If you want to buy handmade wool rugs visit

Because of its availability and versatility, sheep's wool is the most popular type. It is a popular choice because it is wrinkle-resistant, flame retardant, static-free, colorfast when dyed, maintains shape when stretched, and soft, durable, and easy to use.

It is important to understand that wool has a certain feel that makes it stand out from other materials used in rug making. Shorter, finer, or medium-length fibers feel faster and more comfortable than longer fibers. Many Oriental rug designs were made from long fiber with a higher overall density, sometimes up to twice that of the other fiber. 

There are many types of wool produced by different breeds of goats and sheep. They come in a variety of fiber lengths, fiber diameters, colors, crimp patterns, and curls. There are more than 40 breeds of sheep that are used in different parts of the world. 

Wool rugs can be difficult to clean but if taken care of properly, they will last for many years. These rugs are great investments that will beautify your home.

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