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  • December 2, 2021

All about Mobile Development for Android

Mobile phones have made life much easier thanks to their improved versions, such as the iPhone, touch screen phones, and Smartphones. Many mobile technologies can be incorporated into one device. 

High-end smartphones, such as the iPhone and touch screen Smartphones allow users to access all computing apps from their phones. Mobile technology has reached a new level with the advent of Android. Java is the main platform for mobile development on Android.

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What is Mobile Development? - DZone Mobile

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Android is the operating system that was introduced for mobile phones. It comes with middleware, as well as other important mobile applications. It is clear that Android will soon surpass the iPhone in marketing terms, given its popularity. 

Android mobile development is essential for developers who wish to remain competitive in this highly-competitive market. More than 50000 Android applications for mobile phones with Android operating systems have been created.

Here are some things you should remember before you start working on Android mobile development.

  • Android apps must be integrated with multiple application modules. An Android app can include many services, activities, and broadcast receivers.
  • Each component should have a distinct role.
  • Each module must be activated individually.
  • The components should be listed in the files along with their requirements. If the component requires a different hardware configuration, this should be noted in the appropriate file.
  • Many non-code sources of app data, such as layout, images, and string files, are available. These files should be specific to each device.
  • Developers must create separate layout files for different screen sizes.


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