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  • September 4, 2020

All About Clinical Pilates In Sydney?

Clinical Pilates builds on the therapeutic benefits of Pilates and integrates it into an effective and safe exercise system designed by trained doctors for your specific needs and abilities.

Clinical Pilates is available clinics and health clubs to treat a wide range of health problems, conditions or injuries, from low back pain and chronic pain to hypermobility and chronic fatigue. You can also get more information about clinical pilates at

Due to its safe yet effective system, Clinical Pilates is widely used by athletes, dancers and top athletes to prevent injuries and improve mobility, fitness and rehabilitation.

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Clinical Pilates improves your mobility, stability, balance, posture and general functioning regardless of your age or ability. A simple, controlled approach allows you to track improvements in your control and strength or healing.

Clinical Pilates differs from regular Pilates in several main ways. Pilates classes are taught by instructors and are usually held in groups. The class will learn a variety of moves to suit the average person's abilities, while the moves can be customized to be more or less challenging.

Clinical Pilates is prescribed and controlled by clinically trained Pilates specialists. It's important to note – Pilates practitioners are trained in anatomy and physiology, injuries, movement patterns, and pathology. You can assess individual concerns and abilities to determine which exercises are best for you.

This is especially important if you have a history of injuries or treatment conditions such as whiplash, osteoporosis, etc. Your doctor will adapt the exercises to your needs and goals. Therefore, it is important that these procedures are carried out only under the guidance and supervision of a trained doctor.

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